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I am very excited to let all of you know that my lovely and talented wife is about to release her first music album in more than ten years. If you like some of the music that Jonah Borden listens to, you will like Kari Hilpert. Of course, Jonah has a wide range of tastes. Kari falls into the singer/songwriter category, with a unique, hopeful, inspiring voice. Her songs are deep, often thoughtful, and her whole style is reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Jackson Browne, Patty Griffin and other singer/songwriter types. Steely Dan, she is not.

Jonah Borden aside, Kari Hilpert is MY favorite musician, by far Smile

There are three free sonMaybe It's Time Covergs available for download here, and three more you can you listen to on her website, here.You can pre-order the album on iTunes here, or on Amazon, here. The actual release date is October 1st. If you pre-order, rather than wait, it will actually help her ratings once it is released.

Go on, get out of here, and go get you some music!