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My YA Fantasy is here. You could get it free!

Front Cover 6AGreetings my amazing friends! My YA (young adult) fantasy novel, The Forgotten King is now live on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple (Search “Tom Hilpert The Forgotten King in the iTunes store) and Smashwords.

I am offering it for FREE to anyone who signs up to my email list between March 14 and March 21.

Just go here to sign up: http://eepurl.com/PtO61 I promise I won’t spam you. In fact, I’ll only write you five or six times a year, because mostly, I write books, not email newsletters. Smile After you sign up, I’ll send you an email with a  coupon code for Smashwords. Once there, you can download whatever format you prefer.

Please pass this on to everyone you know, especially teens and young adults, plus everyone you don’t know.

All the best!



“Superior Justice” free today!

Howdy folks! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve blogged. I’ve been writing, just not blogging. I haven’t had a promotional giveaway for three months, but today is the day! The Superior Mystery series depends upon fans like you to keep going and growing, so please pass this along to friends, family, parole officers, etc.

Here’s the link:


All the best!




Hey folks,

Superior Secrets is generally available as paperback and kindle now. You can get the paperback on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Superior-Secrets-Lake-mystery-Mysteries/dp/1493770691

…and the kindle, here: http://www.amazon.com/Superior-Secrets-Lake-Mysteries-ebook/dp/B00GTSKJ3U

If you have friends or family who are readers, it’s a great Christmas idea. If you’d like  a signed paperback, go over to www.tomhilpert.com, click the “contact” page, and send me a message, and we’ll set it up.

Meanwhile, Superior Justice is once more FREE, today only, on Amazon Kindle!


Happy Friday!



Today, the last free promotion before the debut of my new novel, *Superior Secrets*. If you haven’t already, now is the time to get in on the cornucopia of humor, action and good food that is the *Lake Superior Mystery Series*. Get the first one free today on Amazon Kindle. Re-post, and tell your friends!



Sorry I’m a little late on this post. The working title that my poet-daughter picked 10 ten days ago is “Superior Subterfuge.”

I really like a lot of your suggestions. Of course it’s hard when you don’t know entirely what the plot of the book is. Someone tried “Superior Deception,” and that was a close one, but I like the alliteration of this one just a hair better. Also, I’m said to say, there is another book out there with that title.

Now, I am open to feedback. You folks are my fans, after all, and if this title bombs with you, I’d like to know before I sink it in cement.

Also, I still want to give away a free book. Go to my facebook page (Tom’s Facebook Author Page) and comment on the new title. I will select one random winner out of everyone who comments on the post there within the next 48 hours. You will win a free copy of either Superior Justice or Superior Storm – your choice. It will also be your choice of format – kindle, EPUB or print copy. If you want a print copy, I’ll sign it, of course.


OK folks, I’m looking for feedback here, and I’ll even sweeten the deal.

I’m about 20% in to the next Superior Mystery. My problem is, I don’t have a title yet. So I thought I’d seek a little help from my readers. Below is my *rough* blurb/description of the book. Hopefully, I’ll polish it more before the book is published, but I’ve got to finish writing it first. Read the rough blurb, and what I say about the book after the blurb. Then, give me some title suggestions. The title must begin with “Superior” and I think I’d like to stay with just one other word after that. So your title suggestion should be “Superior [your suggestion]”

If I choose *your* suggestion, I’ll send you a free signed copy of one of my books – whichever one you choose. If you choose the new one, bear in mind, I’m still writing it, so it will be many months before you get your copy. Otherwise, pick Superior Justice or Superior Storm, and I’ll mail you a signed copy.

I’ll announce the winner in my next blog entry, and on my Facebook Author page.

Here’s the blurb:

It’s wintertime on the North Shore, and the snow is thick on the ground. Jonah Borden, the coffee-guzzling, rear-end-kicking, wisecracking, gourmet-cooking man of the cloth, is about to tie the knot with his sweetheart, Leyla Bennett. But before they do, Leyla joins a cult, ostensibly in order to complete an investigative report. Borden is worried: there are signs that her commitment may have become more serious.

When Borden confronts the cult leader, he is rebuffed. Meanwhile, mysterious hunting accidents begin happening around the town of Grand Lake. Assisted by his friends, Jonah tries to find a way to get Leyla out. What he uncovers is bigger than any of them had guessed. Now, he’s in a race to save his own life, and those of his friends, before a powerful enemy snuffs them out.

Some further thoughts: I think this one is going to surprise some people with a twist or two. It’s set in the wintertime.

Okay folks, go to it!