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Tell Your Family friends: Just in Time for Christmas, a Superior Deal

Hey folks,

My first mystery, Superior Justice is on sale for $0.99 today only! Once you’ve read that, you won’t want to miss out on the other two, [which are priced normally, so that I can buy my kids some Christmas presents 😉   ]

Please tell your family and friends! You can get it on Amazon here:


The deal is also at Free Kindle Books and Tips today:



99 Cent Discount

Check it out, Superior Justice is featured for $0.99 today only, on Amazon. It is featured today on popular blog: Kindle books and Tips:

Kindle Books and Tips Blog

I appreciate you spreading the word. The Superior Mysteries have gained thousands of fans, almost exclusively through word of mouth, and “word of mouse.” (Just a little stupid pastor-humor for you there…)


When I started thinking about writing books, there were two ways to get published:
1.Find a “regular” publishing company, which would pay you an advance, and undertake the cost of publishing, marketing and selling your book
2.Publish the book yourself. You would pay to have the cover designed; to print the book; you would store thousands of copies yourself; you would undertake to market and sell it.

Generally, the second option was called “vanity” publishing. I think that was for two reasons. First, the thought was, if a publisher didn’t want it, it probably wasn’t very good anyway. You would be paying to fulfill your own ego. Second, the whole effort would likely be “vain” in the sense that it wouldn’t really pay off, either financially, or terms of recognition. Continue reading