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Tell Your Family friends: Just in Time for Christmas, a Superior Deal

Hey folks,

My first mystery, Superior Justice is on sale for $0.99 today only! Once you’ve read that, you won’t want to miss out on the other two, [which are priced normally, so that I can buy my kids some Christmas presents 😉   ]

Please tell your family and friends! You can get it on Amazon here:


The deal is also at Free Kindle Books and Tips today:




Superior Secrets

As promised, you can now purchase the Print edition of Superior Secrets! If you want a signed copy, contact me directly, or comment on this post.

Right now it is available here. (or click on the picture to the left). Within the week, it should show up in Amazon “proper,” as well as many other book outlets!



I’ve gained quite a following among Kindle users. Amazon has been very good to me. Even so, when my contract was up a few weeks ago, I thought I’d see what the “other half” has to offer. That’s right, I mean Nookies!  So, without further ado, go find Superior Justice for Nook, today and tomorrow, only $0.99.

Superior Justice for Barnes and Noble Nook



SS Book Photo

I figure my readership today is probably around 25,000 people – more than 100 times the number I had just one year ago.

The good news is, there will definitely be a third Superior Mystery. I have already written about 42,000 words on it, which makes the rough draft about half finished. The bad news, is that I’m fighting a bit of writer’s block, though it is nothing I haven’t dealt with before.

So, to encourage myself to get back at it, I’m going to take a look at the past year of my writing life.

I finished Superior Justice in 2006, and published it on Amazon in ’08 after a fruitless year with an agent. As of one year ago, only about 200 people had read it. Between Justice and my first novel, a fantasy foray of which I am now slightly embarrassed, I had made maybe $1000 total, over the course of several years.

One year ago, I was almost finished with the rough draft of Superior Storm. I was writing with the assumption that about 200 people would read this one also. In other words, my total estimated readership was around 200.

Inspired by my good friend and author Eric Wilson, I began to market Superior Justice with free kindle downloads. When Storm was finally ready, I started doing the same thing with it.

One year later, about 22,000 people have downloaded Superior Justice, and somewhere around 28,000 have procured Superior Storm. I figure my readership today is probably around 25,000 people – more than 100 times the number I had just one year ago.

One year ago, I had about five total Amazon reviews. Today I have 69 reviews for each of the Superior Mysteries, or 138 total reviews, plus five or so for that embarrassing fantasy novel. Storm averages 4.5/5 stars; Justice 4.6/5.

I am not making best-seller money. But I am making a nice little part time income. A year ago, I only dreamed of a monthly paycheck for my fiction writing. That dream has been a reality for the past eleven months.

In the past few weeks, I have stumbled upon a book-club and two forums where my book is being discussed/reviewed. It’s a strange and wonderful feeling to know that strangers are out there, not only reading, but talking about, my work.

By the way, I know this is genre fiction. I don’t believe I am creating great literature for the ages, and I’m not expecting a Pulitzer. My books will hopefully entertain you for a few days, but they won’t change your life.

Even so, they are starting to change my life.


[Oh hey, before I go, I have  $0.99 promo on Superior Justice tomorrow, August 6th, 2013, on Amazon.]


FREE today and tomorrow: Superior Storm, on Kindle through Amazon! Tell your friends and spread the word! This always helps to bring in new readers.


Today Only: Superior Justice $0.99!

Today, Superior Justice is featured on this blog as a featured deal:  http://wp.me/p2b82w-4hn

Today only, it is $0.99!

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Happy April 3!