Below are some reviews of Tom Hilpert’s books and writing.

There is a kinetic energy to Jonah that pops off the page that is as appealing as it is fresh, and he is a wonderfully unique protagonist. – A New York Literary Agent

You are by far one of the most talented writers I’ve read… I absolutely love your humor and the suspense you create is unbelievable.  We are learning in [my son’s writing class] about "grabbing your readers" and having "clinchers" to keep them hanging on to your
last word…  well, let me tell you that you score out of the park on both of those things.  

Your books are phenomenal and I just can’t wait to get my hands on the next one. – A Fan in TN

I am an avid fan of Tom’s fiction writing. Superior Justice kept me up nights because I could not put it down. Excellent story telling, vivid and believable characters, engaging detail, unexpected plot twists, and an intriguing setting drew me in. The only bad part was coming to the end of the book. – A Mother in MN

I recently took Tom’s latest book, Superior Justice, on a beach trip for some summer reading – that may have been a mistake. As a wife and mother of three, I’m not sure it was appropriate to abandon my family for a day and a half, but that’s unfortunately what happened because I couldn’t put the book down. It’s a compelling read and I recommend it highly! – A lawyer in AL

I’ve long been a fan of mystery writers ranging from the sparse style of Raymond Chandler to the poetic grittiness of James Lee Burke. For me, a memorable mystery revolves around a sense of place and a strong protagonist.
Meet Jonah Borden, a "hard-boiled man of the cloth." This preacher with a penchant for good food, an occasional drink, and chaste romantic encounters is funny, cynical without being whiny, and honorable without being squeaky clean. Hard not to like this guy, right? And to top it all, he finds himself entangled in dark matters along Lake Superior. So there you have it, the strong protagonist and sense of place. I’ve never been to the Great Lakes, but Hilpert paints the setting with such skill and ease that I find myself dreaming of visiting someday. That lighthouse on the cover? Yep, I wanna go there.
But character and setting are fueled by a good plot, and Hilpert puts his characters through their paces as they try to unravel a solid, even surprising mystery. Borden is sucked into the midst of twisted dealings due to the killer’s decision to make a private confession protected by Borden’s religious position. This forces Borden into a dangerous dance with criminals, cops, and yes even love.
In the end, we are left satisfied yet hungry for more Jonah Borden. With snappy dialogue and tight prose, Hilpert kicks off a great new series, and I can only hope to see more Lake Superior mysteries. – A NY Times Best-selling author

The story through which Jonah moves is not perfect, there are loose ends, and some of the characters–particularly those who don’t share Jonah’s faith–are crudely rendered. But on the whole, Hilpert is a fine writer, his prose doesn’t stand in the way of the story. He never loses track of things, he moves the narrative along briskly. There are best sellers that can’t make that claim. On the whole, the book has one quality that redeems any deficiency: it’s a page-turner. I lost the better part of a night of sleep after picking it up one afternoon and finding it nigh impossible to put down. The payoff? Hilpert surprised the thunder out of me in the finest O. Henry tradition. – A professor in GA

This book was outstanding! It grabbed my attention from the first page and kept it through the entire book. I laughed out loud and was on the "edge of my seat" many times. Jonah Borden was a truly great character and I appreciated how real he was and, frankly, how un-stereotypical! I want a sequel!!! – A Home-school Mother


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