How Do People Discover New Books And Authors?

The connection between authors and readers is even more important today than in times past. We need the help of our readers!

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Last month I put together a brief survey to find out how people discover new books and authors. One of the biggest challenges new authors are facing, is getting the word out about their work, regardless of whether they are self-published or going with a traditional publisher.  Increasingly, authors have to do a significant amount of legwork in terms of promotion as marketing and advertising budgets are widely slashed.

However, most self-published authors don’t have a particularly detailed understanding of their market. Either they haven’t thought to find out, or simply don’t know where to start. It’s understandable – we didn’t get into writing in order to become expert marketers – but it is something that we just have to get to grips with.  So I thought I’d start my own journey towards understanding by asking people where they find out about new books and authors.

Question 1: What genres…

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      • Frank Fulmer

        Yes it is. Stop and think about it. If I dont know you or the books you write, how do I find you? Gets to be circular thinking doesn’t it? I never heard the term indi writers before I started using Amazon. But you guys have a hard row to hoe. You have to do everthing a full publisher does including the marketing, and all without the large budget to boot.
        Got to be harder than preaching and about the same appreciation.

  1. Elmo Butler

    Tom I found your first book from Bookbub. Thank you for the free book. I enjoyed it and was pleasantly susprised at the Christian content. I have already bought and read your new book.
    Elmo Butler

  2. Judy Forrester

    Just finished Superior Justice….read it in a day. I loved your characters and the story line was great! The Christian content was refreshing and who knows you may have planted a seed in somebody’s heart. I miss Robert Parker and your writing reminds me of his a bit. I told my husband he has to read this one and will spread the word to my friends and my Librarian. I just lost my aunt and I think I’ll put this one in the Library in her memory. I too found you on Book Bub and thank you for the free book. Please keep writing.
    Judy Forrester

  3. Emily

    I’m not familiar with Book Bub, but I usually find new authors on a couple of blogs I watch, for free Christian ebooks. I believe it was I rarely purchase ebooks, as there are so many free ones out there. 🙂 I had downloaded Superior Storm back in July when it was free, but hadn’t gotten around to reading it yet. Last week I decided to give it a shot. I had gotten partway in to chapter 4 and was enjoying it so much, I decided to buy the first book. I read that one in a couple days, and now am enjoying Superior Storm. 🙂 When I’m finished with this one I’ll eventually buy Superior Secrets, and I’ll keep a lookout for any other books you write. I’m really enjoying your stories! Since I enjoyed the first book so much I searched online to see if you had a blog, and that’s how I ended up here. 🙂

  4. Nancy S

    Got Superior Justice free on Bookbub. Most books I’ve gotten free there need lots of editing and really don’t hold my interest. Yours is a real standout. I only found one typo, and the story captured my interest right away and kept it throughout. I’ll purchase and read the others in the series. Loved the characters, the dialog was intelligent, and the story credible. I really enjoyed the “pastoring.” Well done! Leaves me wanting more.

    • Pastor Tom

      Thanks, Nancy! Sometimes, writing a book is like a 10 month experiment, and you don’t know until the end if anyone will enjoy it or not. I’m glad you did!

      • Nancy S

        Finished Superior Storm today, and now am reading Superior Secrets. I wasn’t surprised when Judy Forrester said you reminded her of Robert Parker. That’s exactly who comes to my mind when I read your books. I love your dialog, wit and humor. I usually like to come upon a good writer when they’ve already written lots of books, so I can read them all at once, and not have to wait a year between books. Looks like I’ll have to wait for your next book, because I don’t plan to miss any!

  5. Pastor Tom

    Thanks so much, Nancy. Again, I’m thrilled to be compared with Parker. I was selfishly sad when he died, because I enjoyed his Spenser mysteries so much. If I can do for my readers what he did for me, I’ll be very happy!

    By the way, his writing process is also more like mine than most writers I am aware of.

  6. James Slone

    Pastor Tom, Bookbub was my introduction to your books, too. I’ve just finished the second of your Superior series and ready to start on the third. As a committed Christian, I really like your character Pastor Jonah, who doesn’t come off “preachy.” Also, today your book introduced me to Kari’s singing, which I love! I intend to friend her on Facebook so I can follow her work. I looked for your Facebook page, but the Tom Hilpert there doesn’t seem to fit. Is that you? I clicked on the Facebook icon on your website, but that just took me to Wix. Anyway, love your work and Kari’s, too!

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