New Deal from Amazon

A lot of people like to complain about Amazon, just because it is dominating the marketplace. As an author, however, my objective assessment is that Amazon dominates because Amazon “gets it.”  They do a lot of things right, and they are constantly seeking ways to improve.

Barnes & Noble offers me nothing for marketing my books. They say, “put your book on B&N, and start selling to millions of readers.” Only, I can’t really sell to millions of readers, because they don’t offer me anyway to promote it – not even paid promotions.Kobo, and other sites are similar. I recently contacted Scribd as well. The startling thing is that these companies will return my emails, and admit, in print, that they have nothing to offer to help me.

On the other hand, Amazon, as I say, “gets it.” They’ve been offering free promotions for a year or two now. Basically, I trade books (at no cost to myself) for publicity. In other words, I’m buying advertising through barter, which is a pretty cool deal, and it has worked quite well over this past year. I’ve made a nice part time income, and Amazon has made a nice part-time income off me. If there are just a few hundred other independent authors doing as well as I am, Amazon is making millions from us (collectively), while B&N and others simply ignore that money. No wonder Amazon is dominating.

And they came doing what they can to help me, because they understand that helps themselves. In the past two months, they’ve added two new marketing tools. Now, if you buy a hard copy of my book, you can also get the ebook for just $0.99 extra. And, starting TODAY, we’re running a new kind of promotion on Superior Storm. If you buy the Kindle edition today or tomorrow, it will be just $0.99. After that it, the price goes up a little bit for two days, and then again moves up. On the sixth day, we’ll be back to full price. I’m excited to see how it works.

If you’re looking for a fun read, check it out, and pass it on to friends and family!



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