Sorry I’m a little late on this post. The working title that my poet-daughter picked 10 ten days ago is “Superior Subterfuge.”

I really like a lot of your suggestions. Of course it’s hard when you don’t know entirely what the plot of the book is. Someone tried “Superior Deception,” and that was a close one, but I like the alliteration of this one just a hair better. Also, I’m said to say, there is another book out there with that title.

Now, I am open to feedback. You folks are my fans, after all, and if this title bombs with you, I’d like to know before I sink it in cement.

Also, I still want to give away a free book. Go to my facebook page (Tom’s Facebook Author Page) and comment on the new title. I will select one random winner out of everyone who comments on the post there within the next 48 hours. You will win a free copy of either Superior Justice or Superior Storm – your choice. It will also be your choice of format – kindle, EPUB or print copy. If you want a print copy, I’ll sign it, of course.


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